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5/24/18        CC & me           Amazonia Wildlife
5/19/18        CC & me           Amazonia, People And Culture

A journal of our travels as well as some of our thoughts, ideas and creations!

In the beginning... our web site was only a seedling in the forest of our imagination.  Our hope was that old growth redwoods and spotted owls would soon flourish in this habitat.  After all, a bird on the barbie is not a bad thing! We, as the title suggests, are a couple of wrinklies ("Aussie-Speak") who threw caution to the wind back in February 2000, sold all of our possibles ("Geezer-Speak") and packed our few remaining possessions into a 1973 GMC 26' motorhome and headed out in search of adventure, the Fountain of Youth and the meaning of life.  We believe we have discovered all three through our former lifestyle and heartily recommend it to those approaching their Golden Years.  A spirit of adventure, a yearning to travel and, most importantly, a like-minded partner are truly the keys to living unencumbered successfully.  Since the beginning of our trek to nowhere we have been sending out updates of our travels to a small cadre of family and friends which has expanded along the way.  We now invite you to join this exclusive list.

It is now 16 years later and we have retired from our never ending wanderlust and purchased a home on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. People have asked us many times throughout the years which area, of the many  we have visited in our travels, would we ever choose to hang up our spurs, build a bunkhouse and set up housekeeping. This is it! To those of our many friends who are still practicing the fine art of remaining rootless we say, "May you always experience fair winds and following seas wherever the tides may take you".
Enjoy, Chuck & Kalyn Bryan