March Madness

Amazon - Part 2

Amazon - Part 1

Mardi Gras Cruise

Messin' With Texas

Happy St Paddy's Day

Mardi Gras 2017

Birthaversary, Part 32

Fair Winds, Following Seas

A Lobster's Tail

Birthaversary, Part 31

Road Trip

The Boatyard

Merry Christmas

Galapagos - Part 3

Galapagos - Part 2

Galapagos - Part 1

Mitad Del Mundo

Birthaversary 2014

Chapter 3

Bama Bound

April Showers

Stuff - Part 2

Stuff - Part 1

Saguaro Scenery

Christmas 2013

La Familia

Home Again

AK 2013 - Part 8

AK 2013 - Part 7

AK 2013 - Part 6

AK 2013 - Part 5

AK 2013 - Part 4

AK 2013 - Part 3

AK 2013 - Part 2

AK 2013 - Part 1

Lookin' Glass

Texas Spring

The Doldrums

The Quatah

Merry Christmas

Winter Texans

Up Up And Away

Mountain Tableau

Rocky MTN Color


Birthiversary, Part 2

Birthiversary, Part 1

Wheels & Waterways

Road Trip


Back Home Again

California Beaches

Belated St. Pat's

Winter In Texas

Conquest, Part 2

Conquest, Part 1

Secret Santa

Christmas 2011

Mindless Ramblings

Southern Living

Heart Of Dixie

Cajun Country

On The Road Again


Hoppy Easter

Phun in Phoenix

Sunny AZ

AZ Territory

Ghosts of...


Road Less Tra...

AK 2010 - Part 9

AK 2010 - Part 8

AK 2010 - Part 7

AK 2010 - Part 6

AK 2010 - Part 5

AK 2010 - Part 4

AK 2010 - Part 3

AK 2010 - Part 2

AK 2010 - Part 1

Beads to Beaches

Mardi Gras


Crescent City

Christmas 2009

The Perfect Storm

Red Rocks, Red...

Of Ducks and Men

Vampires & Vessels

Koastal Kiting

Hunny Moon

Calif. Dreaming


Aliens to Zookiez

Death & Taxes

Key West Final

Healing Continues


The Florida Keys


Sweet Home Alabama

Deja Vu


Wildlife & Nightlife

Friends & Family


Les Bons Temps

Docs "R" Us

Happy Groundhog

Yuletide Greetings




The Return

Beach to Bayou

Kia Ora

San Carlos


Texas Two Step

We Be Buccaneers!


Rocky Mountain High

The Eighth Day

Welcome To Our World

Back home again


Once again

Feliz Navidad

Galloping Geezers

A jailbreak

We Survived

Back in 'Bama

Sun Has Riz

Intrepid Travelers

Heeeee's Back

Feliz Navidad


Shoulda Toined Left

Meet Me In St. Louie

No Place Like Home

Heah We Ah

Saint Pat's (#2)

Saint Pat's (#1)

Groundhog Greetings

Christmas Greetings

Friends & Relatives

Where To Begin

Planes, Trains . . .

No Mo N'awlins

Happy Saint Pat's

Groundhog's Day

Happy Holidays

Big Purchase

Howdy Folks

Back in Texas

No Mo' Idaho

Escapees, That's Us


Never Let It Be Said


Salutations From AZ

Winter Texans

Merry Christmas


Howdy Folks!

Hard To Believe


Kitty Hawk

We're Heading North

Ahoy Mates

Return To Florida

Howdy Troops

Finally Florida

Howdy Troops

Greetings Earthlings

Hello Once Again



Cats & Crocs

Steel Magnolias

Farewell Texas

Texas Tropics

Deep South

Rancho Insecta

Heart of Texas

Rio Wheeling

Rapid Transit

House Hunting

CC & me
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Mardi Gras Cruise, Gators, Manatees, Cherry Trees

Amazon River Basin, Peru

Iquitos and Nauta, Peru

New Orleans, Grand Cayman and Cozumel

Texas Hill Country peaches and wine

New Orleans Irish Channel Parade

Mobile - The birthplace of Mardi Gras

Salem and Boston, Massachusetts

​​​Belated Greetings from St. Maarten

Leaf peeping in New England

Celebrating in Jamaica again

Everglade National Park and Key West

SV Mandalay cruise

From our house to yours!

San Cristobal, North Seymour, Santa Cruz Is

Exploring Isabella and Bartolome Islands

Aboard the Celebrity Xpedition

Quito, Ecuador

Celebration in Jamaica

Welcome Home!!

Leaving California bound for Alabama

The Baby's Wedding

Fun in Alamos, Mexico

Return to San Carlos, Mexico

Tucson, AZ, and the Saguaro National Park

Family in So Cal and Arizona

Visiting friends and family on the West Coast

From Alaska to California

Another Day, Another Fish

Fish On

Thar Be Bears!!

Ice Road Jeepers

Gone To The Dogs


Denali National Park

Springtime in Alaska

From Texas to Yukon Territory

Winter in Texas ends

South Padre Island

New Orleans at Christmas

New Orleans

Rio Grande Valley

New Mexico balloons and Carlsbad Caverns

The colors of the Rocky Mountains

Beautiful Fall Colors

Exploring Yellowstone National Park

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas

Friday Harbor, Washington

Puyallup and Seattle, Washington

Mount Rainier and Mount St. Helens, WA

From California to Oregon

SF Bay Area, Sacramento and Grass Valley, CA

Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and places in between

Leaving the RGV

Rio Grand Valley

Bahamian cruise

Caribbean cruise

The special surprise

Merry Christmas from the Gulf Coast of AL

Still in southern Alabama

House Hunting in Alabama

Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama

OKC and wandering through Louisiana

Traveling through CA, NV, UT, AZ and NM

Family fun in the SF Bay Area

Family fun in Los Angeles, California

St. Patrick's, Pirates and Pilots

Sun and snow in Tucson

Exploring Tucson and Tombstone, Arizona

Christmas on the road

NorCal and SoCal Thanksgiving celebrations

Fall color, Oregon wineries, wine in progress

Capturing salmon in Haines, Alaska

Visiting Valdez, Alaska

Fishing the Kenai River, Cooper Landing, Alaska

Exploring Seward, Alaska

Bears, fish and kids. Homer and Soldotna, AK

Fishing trip from Ninilchik, Alaska

From Fairbanks to Petersville, Alaska

Wasilla, Alaska and Denali National Park

Los Angeles to Alaska

New Orleans to Los Angeles

New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration

New Orleans Mardi Gras and Saints victory

Exploring New Orleans

LA to LA (Lower Alabama to Louisiana)


Moab, UT; Chinle, AZ; Red Bay, AL

Idaho and Wyoming

Pacific Northwest

California, Oregon and Washington coastline

Celebrating 25 years of marriage

Moving north on the coast

Los Angeles

Texas, Roswell, Phoenix and Palm Springs

St. Augustine, Savannah and Red Bay

Days end in Key West

Key West

Key West

Key Largo to Key West

Florida and Alabama

Northern Alabama

Red Bay, Alabama and Elvis

New York, New Hampshire, Maine

Rockies and the Prarie States

Our favorite folks in California and Nevada

Phoenix, LA and Jammin'

St. Pat's and Easter in New Orleans

Medical update for Layla, Jerry & Chuck

Things to do in San Carlos

San Carlos, Mexico

Fires in So Cal; our grandson

Off-road adventures in the West

Red Bay, AL to Jackson, WY

Natchez to Red Bay and beyond

So Cal beaches to Louisiana bayous

Mexico to Tucson and Los Angeles

San Carlos, Mexico

Los Angeles, to the desert, to Mexico

Across Texas to southern CA; new grandson

Piracy on the high seas

Red Bay to Summerdale, Alabama

Colorado, Black Bear Pass, Alpine Loop

4-wheeling in Moab, Utah

SF Bay Area; Hoover Dam and Hatch, UT

San Carlos, Mexico to southern CA

San Carlos, Alamos, Guaymas, Mexico

San Carlos, Mexico; Punxsatawney, PA

San Carlos, Mexico

North Dakota; Montana; Nevada; California

New Jersey; Alabama; Minnesota

Disney World, Florida

New Orleans wedding and The South

Texas; southern California

Southern California

Happy Groundhog's Day; San Carlos, Mexico

Christmas in San Carlos, Mexico

Ruthie; San Carlos, Mexico

New Mexico; 4-wheel'n in Moab, Utah

New York; Vermont; Missouri

Maritime provinces of Canada; Maine

Pennsylvania; DC; Maine

Gulf Coast with the Zimmerman's

Austin, Texas; New Orleans

Texas; New Mexico

Phoenix, Arizona

Washington, Oregon and California

Summer in Alaska

North Dakota to Alaska

New Orleans, Louisiana to Red Bay, Alabama

New Orleans, Louisiana

South Texas

Merry Christmas from our new motorhome

Our new home

Chuck's shoulder surgery in Harlingen, Texas

Wyoming; Pikes Peak, Colorado; San Antonio

Arco, Idaho to Yellowstone National Park

Nevada, Idaho

California, Oregon, Washington



El Paso, Texas; Las Cruces, New Mexico

TX: Odessa, San Angelo, San Antonio, Del Rio

Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas

Summerdale and Talladega, Alabama

Knoxville and Chatanooga, Tennessee; Georgia

Cedar Point, Ohio; upstate New York

Pennsylvania; Niagra Falls, New York

The Carolinas; Savannah, Georgia

Circumnavigating Florida

Caribbean cruise on the Mandalay

Exploring the Gulf Coast of Florida

Clearwater, Tampa, Sarasota, Florida

Pensacola, Florida; Naval Aviation Museum

Gulf Coast of Alabama and Mississippi

Slidell, Louisiana; New Orleans for Halloween

Hattiesburg, Vicksburg, Natchez, Mississippi

Hot Springs and Booger Hollow, Arkansas

Louisiana Bayou

Natchitoches, LA and Martha, "our" kitten

Natchitoches, Louisiana

Orange, Texas

Galveston and Beaumont, Texas

Getting Texafied

Hill Country, Texas, Rancho Iglesia

San Antonio and Austin, Texas

Del Rio and Alpine, Texas

Las Cruces, NM; gas is $1.30 per gallon

Silver City, New Mexico; Gila Cliff Dwellings