Christmas greetings are sent your way
From our home in the desert sand.
The Phoenix Valley is where we now stay
In old Arizona land.
We have no trees to decorate
No snow lies on the ground
But our Christmas spirit is first rate
Ingenuity does abound!

Although our travels take us
From those whose lives we share
New friends appear with each new day
We are such a lucky pair!!

Our Christmas wish is for all of you
And throughout each new tomorrow
Have a holiday season filled with joy
And a New Year free of sorrow.
And so we raise our glasses
To toast each one and say
Have a hap-hap-happy New Year
And a Merry Christmas Day!

Christmas Greetings                                              December 22, 2003

We lay at night ‘neath a cloudless sky
And listen as coyotes sing
Of another day, of another time
Of a boy who was born a King.
The blazing stars which hang above,
The tortoise and the desert hare
Remind us of a selfless love
That is here for all to share.
We take this time to appreciate
All our friends and family, too
And the rotten roads we love to hate
Bring fond memories through and through.

Hugs and kisses, Chuck & Kalyn