We had intended to publish a group of pictures of the Christmas decorations in and around New Orleans for your enjoyment but have been thwarted in doing so by a seemingly fatal flaw between our website and our website provider, Go Daddy.  We have spent several fruitless hours on the phone with 3 of their "technicians" in an attempt to either enter pictures into this page or, alternately, to create a new page.  Neither action seems possible at this point.  Hopefully we will be able to find someone on their staff who is capable of resolving this issue.

In the interim...Bad, Daddy!!  Bad!  Badd!!  Baddd!!!  Think COAL!!!!

Until then...Hugs and smooches, Your Galloping Geezers, Chuck and Kalyn

  Merry Christmas                                                     December 25, 2012

To all of our friends: the old, the new and those yet to be discovered.  We wish to extend our fondest wishes for the Merriest of Yuletides and the Happiest and most Prosperous New Year.